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Accessible Mental Health Resources For All

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My name is Heather

I'm a therapist, a wife, and a mom. My passion is helping people just like you find joy and peace in their journey along life's salty path.



Here at A Salty Path, we offer several resources to help mental health care feel more accessible. They can be used together, or on their own-- whatever is best for you!



Each course is a deep dive into a specific subject matter, offering video training,   an interactive workbook, and  tools to put into practice.


Free Mini-Courses

We understand that mental health resources are expensive and hard to access. Our mini-courses are free to access and can give you the tools and education to grow.


Lunch & Learn Workshops

Starting in January 2024, weekly live workshops will be offered during a lunch break format to discuss pertinent mental health topics. 

"I have had many therapists throughout my life, and Heather was the only one who truly helped me understand my mind and take actionable steps to work through my problems and achieve my goals. I trust deeply in her vision and can't recommend her enough." 
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